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Queen in guanghan yuxin materials technology co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturer specializing in modern sound-absorbing board production,For many years the development of sound absorption materials、Design、Production、Sales、Engineering management and after-sales service experience。The product mainly includes:Polyester fiber sound-absorbing board,Polyester fiber composite coil,Cloth art is sound-absorbing board、Sound insulation blanket,Sound insulation board series and so on。 “JiXinYu”Professional experience,Excellent product quality,High quality pre-market after-sales service,Attracted eight party clients,The domestic absorption material industry is the industry and trade integrated industrial company。At present,“JiXinYu”Sound-absorbing material,Has won in high-grade XiaoFeiCeng recognition from all walks of life both at home and abroad。 “JiXinYu”Brand sound-absorbing material acoustic engineering adhering to the principle of the concept of production concept and beautify the environment,Constantly improve the professional level of sound-absorbing material。Especially the company development of polyester fiber composite coil,This...
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