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Large cryogenic liquid storage tank
Product category:Cryogenic liquid storage tank
The product description:
With the development of science and technology,Under ordinary conditions of use of low temperature storage tank storage materials technology mature gradually。More and more domestic atmospheric pressure low temperature storage tank construction,Toward the direction of large-scale development。Atmospheric tank compared with other storage methods,There are many advantages:Relative to the vacuum tank and spherical tank,Because of the low temperature storage tank storage pressure is low...
Engineering cases
The service hotline:400-026-7710
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  Xinxiang cheng DE energy technology equipment co., LTD., located in the hinterland of the central plains、Zhongyuan urban agglomeration important city core,The north's economy、Education、Transportation center----Xinxiang,The company was founded in2002Years,Is a set design、Manufacturing、The installation、Service in a body specialized manufacture enterprise。The company covers an area of30Mu,Existing production workshop10000Square meters。The company is mainly engaged in pressure vessel、The low temperature and cryogenic gas equipment,Is a multi-functional comprehensive manufacturing services companies。The company now has:At the national levelA2Pressure vessel manufacturing license、D1/D2Pressure vessel design permits、ISO9001International quality system certification,And haveGC2/GC3Pressure pipeline design license、GC2/GC3Pressure pipe installation license and a series of supporting engineering design、The installation、Maintenance qualification, etc。  Companies with professional team and advanced technical team,The independent design and production......
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The service hotline:400-026-7710
  • Bayi condolences-Fire officers and soldiers
      In the build-up of the Chinese people's liberation army92The anniversary is coming,Also comes at a hot dog days of the year。7Month31Monday morning,If the company party branch organization of party members、The party activists and some employees went into the chicken spring area fire brigade,Sympathy pains,...
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  • 2019In cheng DE cup welding skills contest
      2019The annual welding skills contest preparation since the middle of June,7Month2Officially kicked off,Contest Kong Lingjun comrade presided over by the standing vice President,Engineering department minister li jianmin、Quality inspection department minister Fan Xijun、Vice minister Yu Zhilong、The minister of technology department...
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  • To meet the July 1 red tour---Visit Shi Laihe memorial
      In order to meet the coming“July 1”The founding of the section,Rich party life。6Month23Monday morning,Xinxiang cheng DE energy equipment co., LTD., the party branch of science and technology to lead the company party、Activists and managers from different divisions of the company to xinxiang county LiuZhuang Village history...
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  • Honestly, hand in hand,Travel the world
      The sky in June by large cloud,Look up,The with a gentle heart engraved in our heart a pair of beautiful scenery。2019Years5Month31Solstice6Month2Day,Xinxiang cheng DE energy technology equipment co., LTD. Group company...
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