1. Itchy skinEczemaUrticariaSkin allergyHair lossThisThe green In the spring AcneDermatitis
  2. PsoriasisVitiligoIchthyosisBody tineaBrothers tineaFolliculitisSpot  BaldPurple  Dian
  3. Flat wartBody odorChloasmaThe sparrow    SpotSoft wartRosaceaScar    MarkBlain to imprint blain hole
  1. Corners of the mouth long blain do loveFacial spots,Color of skin dark yellow
  2. Thinning hair、Out of the oilBack to itch,A flexible red one
  3. Ichthyosis can cureNail thickening,In gray
  4. Armpit sweat、Have peculiar smellFlat wart how to eliminate
  5. The skin rash(Red a knot in one's)What is going onConsult physician directly
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