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The work high above the car

Of eat hutch garbage truck

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Chengli special purpose vehicle co., LTD. Sales six branch,The national development and reform commission fixed-point production of various kinds of special vehicles of professional manufacturers,Large dedicated automobile factory。Domestic well-known landscaping、Petroleum chemical industry、Municipal sanitation、Pressure vessel dedicated car manufacturers。Registered trademark“Cheng Liwei”Brand,National product code:“CLW”。The east wind、 The liberation of the company's important partners,Mainly engaged in all kinds of special vehicle manufacturing business,Also sells each big manufacturer of the vehicle and accessories。The company has their own export right,Products occupy a large number of foreign markets, The main varieties are sprinkler、The garbage truck、Compression garbage truck、Docking garbage truck、Swing arm garbage truck、Arm garbage truck、Sealed garbage truck、Dung sucking、Pollution、Dump truck、Van 、Semi-trailer、Repair car、Lorry-mounted crane、The work high above the car、Coaches、Bulk cement vehicle……
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The whole process:1.The whole process | 2.Sign the contract | 3.Arrange production | 4.Delivery vehicles | 5.Signed delivery balance confirmation|
Pre-sale service:Before you determine to buy intention can contact with me,Show your car standards and requirements,I will contact you in the shortest possible time。
Sale service:If you confirm the product,We started with you pay the deposit bank receipt into the manufacturing process,The middle if you have any question you can contact me,I will answer in detail。
After-sales service:We promise,The products of the company100%Be responsible for;To make the customer service100%Satisfied with it。
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490Want a car10Tons of sprinklerhell,I'll call you。2019-8-2 10:09:03
4675Tons of sprinklerhell!Do you want the sprinkler,Our company at present and a car。I'll call you。2018-4-20 8:22:42
427Small refrigerator carZhu always,hell!Our company is specialized production and sales all kinds of refrigerated trucks,I'll call you。2016-11-2 15:26:52
4208Tons of sprinkler,Color can do it according to our requirements?hell,8Tons of sprinkler we have for car manufacturers,I can give you at any time,Color can also be customized as per your requirements。2016-8-15 9:09:23
418I want a car7Mido refrigerator carLee,hell!Our company is specialized production and sales of refrigerated trucks,The variety is complete。I'll call you。2016-8-11 8:10:20
Domestic well-known landscaping、Petroleum chemical industry、Municipal sanitation、Pressure vessel dedicated car manufacturers -- The government designated procurement enterprise
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