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     I am maleThe company is located in yangjiang in guangdong province 'island,Close to the center fishing port at the national level——Lock slope fishing port,Is the self-support right of import and export and food export certification qualifications, a wholly foreign owned enterprise(Health registration number:4400/02304)。The company covers an area of18230Square meters,Plant area9000Square meters,Daily production capacity120Tons,Have three in total5000Tons of low temperature cold storage;Aquatic products processing staff250People,The management and technical personnel62People。

      Companies operating in the production processing aquatic products、Aquatic frozen food、Deep-sea fishing bait(Four broken)、Main import and export business;The company has a professional production team specializes in“A good mother”Aquatic products and food production and processing,Product best-selling domestic and around the world,Favored by customers trust and love。

Round bonito(Round shells)
Skipjack tuna(The watermelon)
Dot mackerel(Angel-fish)
White flour anchovy(Margin)
The squid
Gold fish
Bonito(Three shells)
The sea fish(The green pool)
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