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    Jincheng sun crystal industrial co., LTD. Is a collection of technical research、Product development、Production、Sales in the integration of private technology enterprises。The company was founded in1993Years,Jincheng in Shanxi Province economic and technological development zone, especially ih Hong Kong,Covers an area of6886Square meters,Existing fixed assets2000More than ten thousand yuan,The registered capital480Ten thousand yuan。

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    Switch the ram is my company independent research and development according to the need of coal mine ventilation is a new type of ram。This product is mainly used in coal mine tunneling ventilation,One end of the ram for the two head,To connect two fan respectively,At the other end to a head,Connect the ram to the tunneling faces,Realize double fan dual-circuits power automatic switching。Principle for when runningAThe fan run normally,BFan on standby,WhenAFan stop running because the loop power failure or malfunction,BFan automatically switched on,Automatic switch。Does not affect the face air volume。

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  • UnifiedCIImage support;
  • System of marketing promotion training support;
  • Regional markets start to support together;
  • Reasonable profit space of price management support;
  • Zero risk investment return and system support.

 “Sun stones”The guiding ideology of the people: Leaders by leadership,To manage the matter with the system。
 “Sun stones”The purpose of the people: Seek development with science and technology innovation,To the quality first,With scientific management efficiency,People-oriented strives for the survival。
 “Sun stones”The human spirit:Burn yourself,The benefit of society,Loss of the sun,Dedication of heat。
 “Sun stones”People management philosophy:In order to“Seeds”The spirit of enlightenment,In order to“Fair competition”As an opportunity,In order to“Work more”In order to guarantee,In order to“Thick slide”As a fundamental。
 “Sun stones”People motto: The wise man united,A brave man not afraid,Honest person has a letter,Benevolent invincible。
 “Sun stones”People's goal:Carry on“Sun stones”Spirit of people,For the coal production、The use of the service。