Introduction to the clean coal
A cleaner is a high calorific value、Low volatile、At the end of the low sulfur high-quality anthracite coal as the main raw material,Adding suitable amount of organic binder and sulphur fixing agent。After crushing、Mix、Stir
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Type coal production process and product quality
Clean grain type coal quality standards:According to the《Civilian type clean coal》Place in henan province (DB41/T1326-2016)The execution:Sulfur(St,d)≤048%,Volatile(Vd)≤
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The advantages of clean coal
Has a high calorific value、Low volatile、Low sulfur、Combustion time is long, etc,Compared with the traditional coal scattered greatly reduces the burning of atmospheric emissions of harmful gases and reduce combustion
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  • Type of clean coal
  • Type of clean coal
  • Type of clean coal
Clean coal model has advantages of six:
A、More efficient。Type of clean coal combustion、High calorific value,Is a traditional twice the calorific value of coal,Greatly reduced the number of coal;
2、More secure。It has no black smoke、No peculiar smell,Damage to the human body is extremely low;
3、More convenient;
Four、More environmentally friendly。Clean coal model without smoke when burning、Less harmful gas emissions,After burning sulfur content is low,Do not cause secondary pollution;
Five、More energy efficient。This kind of coal during combustion,Comprehensive energy saving efficiency50%The above;
Six、More economic。
  Anyang hay energy co., LTD. Was established in2016Years12Month,Self-raised funds2000Ten thousand yuan,Company set type clean coal production、Sales、Distribution as a whole,The first phase of the production line design of type coal15Ten thousand tons,The company is equipped with a technology center、Quality inspection center and distribution center,One-stop production equipment。To strictly the quality、Strong scientific and technological innovation for enterprises,Create a blue sky blue water,Create a low carbon life。 
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