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  • Jingjiang zhongshan Chinese fir forests for co., LTD. Existing staff120People,The senior professional and technical staff26People,Junior specialized technical personnel45People,Senior skilled worker45Many people,Equipped with multi-function sprinkler、The work high above the car、Excavator、Lawn spraying machine, complete the botanical garden construction machinery,Undertake greening projects100Million square meters。
  • The main products
  • The company has seedling production base5000Mu,And in jiangsu province·Institute of botany, Chinese academy of sciences cooperation development and production of high quality seedling zhongshan Chinese fir with alkali、Resistance to water wet,Was strong,Wide adaptability,Grow faster、Trunk straight,The tree is beautiful,The leaves green period is long,Fewer pests and other excellent characteristics。The varieties1987After the years by the provincial scientific and technological achievements appraisal start marketing,And in1996By the state forestry administration“The ninth”The forestry scientific and technological achievements to promote100One of the items,Is2002Years9In the first through the national examination and approval of forests。
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    Jingjiang city, national sun yat-sen Chinese fir seeds base
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    13905260841 ( The total )
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