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5Month15On the afternoon,Huaxiang company all on-the-job personnel to Liu Jiashan assignments section,The volunteer service activities,We unified the volunteers,A bearing on her head“Hengyang the masses”Red hat,Spirit,After a good assignment,Work orderly,Some cleaning,Some sign,Some remove rubbish weeds,Additional protection device; 6Month19On the afternoon,Huaxiang company organization looking anti-corruption warning educational《Black pupil》,Feeling a lot,In the socialist economic construction period,Resolutely oppose and prevent corruption is a major political task of the party,Is a big problem associated with the party's survival,Let's be sure to deeply recognize the difficulty of the anti-corruption struggle、Long-term and urgency,Be sure to with greater determination


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  Hengyang huaxiang innovation service co., LTDBased on the original hengyang tianxiang electrical and mechanical industrial company,Founded in2008Years10Month。The company covers an area of115.76m,Total building area20793.41Square meters。Company's main environmental protection building materials machinery complete sets of equipment,Mining machinery complete sets of equipment,Belt conveyor、The manufacture of high and low voltage electrical appliances。The legal representative TaoJingBo。
  The company has two assignments section。Tianma mountain areas formerly known as hengyang power accessories factory,Is located in the heart of the city,Steam is located in hunan area tianma south road10Number,And are the new pedestrian street close to,From the railway station4Kilometers,Cover an area of an area31.64m,Total building area12227.85Square meters ....

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    Hengyang huaxiang innovation service co., LTD
    The electricity Words:0734-8204168
    Mail Make up:421001
    The ground The address:Hengyang steamed tianma south road hunan area10Number


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