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Ding day machinery The quality for this

Set design equipment production,Precision machinery manufacturing and processing、The sale is a body


Hot keywords: Production of processed products

Product center

Strong production capacity

Annual output of about130Only turnover of about ten thousand2Be sure,Strong production strength,Quick delivery

Assembly shop around4000Square,About precision production workshop2000Square。With the whole
Complete production lines,Introduce high-end advanced equipment and has a professional design
Production team to optimize specification design and production of each process。

Strict quality control

Layers of strict quality control,Ensure that ding day each product of high quality

Companies together a group of high-quality professional technicians operating personnel,
It would fully for the design of product production and processing of each link to do
Quality guarantee

Reasonable prices

Rationalization of the specification of the each link of the process,Provide support for the final product price。

Starting from the source of raw materials procurement company,Strictly control each link,Throughout the year Ensure quality reduce purchasing cost。Optimize the product structure
And the production process,At the same time, save production to ensure the quality of production
The cost,Make sure to give customers a satisfactory result。

Perfect customer maintenance

In the early:The requirements will receive business negotiations,About the quality of the product、
The delivery date、The price。

The middle:Design manufacturing process,Shall maintain groove with the customers
Tong,Ensure that the final to the customer's product is perfect。

In the late:After product delivery to the customer,There the same with the customer to maintain
Contact,Problems such as late,We will solution is given and the first time
Assist in handling。

Into the ding day machinery

Pinghu ding day machinery co., LTD

Ding day machinery——High quality、The economy、Fast、Environmental protection

Machinery is a founded in pinghu ding day2011In private enterprises,Is a set design production equipment,Precision machinery manufacturing and processing、The sale is a body enterprise。With highly qualified management and technical personnel、Advanced processing equipment、 Sophisticated testing equipment、Perfect processing technology、Professional manufacturing technology and strict on-site management。All colleagues of the company with professional knowledge and professional spirit, will do our best to meet customer's innovative design、 Innovative research and development needs。Companies together a group of high-quality professional technicians operating personnel……

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