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Pesticide co., LTD. Was established in zhoukou city red flag1997Years,Total assets1.2One hundred million yuan,Now has the red flag of pesticides,The red flag two fertilizer production base,Is a collection of scientific research、Development、Production、Promotion in the integration of science and technology enterprises,Is the national development and reform commission (NDRC)、The ministry of agriculture pesticide、Fertilizer production fixed-point enterpriseIndustry,The ministry of agriculture total quality management standard enterprise。Main production ec、Wettable powder、Agent、Suspending agent、Micro emulsion、Granules six big dosage forms,And successively developed a pesticide、Kill mites、Weed control、Plant growth regulator and other five series and organic and inorganic fertilizer、Foliar fertilizer、Fertilization、Seedling fertilizer four series products。Its leading products......
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