·Uh guano:Get to the society,Used in the society,Genesis social progress
·Uh guano targets:Standardization,Specialization,As a service
·Service concept:Content,Your satisfaction,Is our expectations
·The quality concept:The pursuit of excellence,Excellent service is the best people do
·Management concept:Responsibility to the people,Everyone steward,Everything is someone tube

  Jiyuan city hua guang miner's lamp co., LTD. Is located in the famous historical and cultural city central plains of China、Emerging tourist city—Jiyuan city of henan province。This is the place where the ancient Chinese legend yu gong yi shan,The world-famous Yellow River xiaolangdi water control project、National wangwu mountain scenic spot and wulongkou macaques nature reserve constituted here strong culture and rich in natural landscape。Become a domestic tourism in recent years、Ideal place for sightseeing。

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