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Welcome to jiangsu xu Yang chemical equipment co., LTD!

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Jiangsu xu Yang chemical equipment co., LTD

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Long-term cooperation with many famous enterprises Long-term cooperation with many famous enterprises

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  • Product quality performance through the certification authority,100%The guarantee,Worry and rest assured
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Xu Yang chemical industryMade of high precision Quality assurance———Choose five big reasons xu Yangreason

1Professional manufacturer of stainless steelProfessional manufacturer

Committed toStainless steel reaction kettleThe research and development and manufacturing,ProductsHas won praise users

Product performanceGood,QualityStable and reliable,The priceReasonable

2Perfect quality management system,Quality assuranceQuality Assurance

In strict accordance with theQuality management systemTo design products、Production

And bearDesign,Manufacturing,The installationA dragon service

3Strong technical forceStrong technical force

It happenedProfessional、Rich experienceEquipment research and development team;

It happenedMultiple high and new technology products,A number of patented technology

4Professional r&d teamProfessional R & D team

With chengdu round、East China xu、Norwich creatures、Rong creatures、Shanghai green strong companies such as cooperation

5Perfect after-sales serviceSales service

The company hasProfessional after-sales service team,Provide a wide range of products and services in a timely manner;

2HoursThe response speed,24Hours*365DaysProvide after-sales service throughout the year;

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Stainless steel equipment manufacturer

Hotline 18921733114

Company profileJiangsu xu Yang chemical equipment co., LTD

Jiangsu xu Yang chemical equipment co., LTD. The main products are stainless steel tank、Stainless steel reaction kettle、Stainless steel reaction tank、Heat conduction oil furnace、Spiral wound tube type heat exchanger、Stainless steel high pressure reaction kettle, etc。The company was founded in2009Years,Headquartered in jingjiang city of jiangsu province,Companies adhering to“Honest、Research and development、Optimal service”Is the management idea,Take customer satisfaction as the service tenet,Make the product quality and new products with the international synchronization output,Sincere service,Developing rapidly。Xu Yang chemical equipment company after years of research and practice,Introduce new technology of composite material field repair technology of glass lining,And four fluorine set of successful application of the patent。Xu Yang chemical equipment co., LTD., now has a professional field enamel repair team and on-site guidance surface treatment engineering technology team,Strong technical force,And with…

Hotline : 18921733114

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Stainless steel reaction kettle mixed rate is not normal to do?
Is not the same as the stainless steel reaction kettle mixing process of micromixing and micromixing requirements are not the same,About some chemical reaction process requirements to the micro mixing…
Prevent electrostatic stainless steel reaction kettle has a coup
Stainless steel reaction kettle will produce a lot of problems in work we need to frequent maintenance,Stainless steel reaction…
How to correctly use heat conduction oil
From the conditions of use,If it is used in the liquid phase system,Generally should choose the boiling point is higher than the temperature of heat conduction oil,Because the higher the boiling point,The movement of the steam…
Brand of stainless steel reaction kettle marketing help
Change and progress in the field of digital marketing is accelerating,More and more enterprises,Also gradually noticed the importance of network marketing,Stainless steel reaction kettle so,…
Where to buy stainless steel reaction kettle need to pay attention to?
Choose stainless steel reaction kettle is very important point is to choose according to the quality of the whole,Stainless steel reaction kettle sometimes if only root on select equipment…
Heat conduction oil furnace used in what to do with a problem?
Heat conduction oil furnace as long as it is in the combustion chamber、Heat pipe、Induced draft fan and grate this several parts once a fault occurs,Shall promptly repair cannot be delayed,Let me…

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