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   Business phone number
Travel service13973830032
Hire services15973809996
Driving training13507388444
Taxi service13407389967
Vehicle maintenance services 13007385705
Sign up as culture 13517388089


   Customer service telephone

Loudi center: 0738-8311000
South of the car of loudi: 0738-8800010

Cold water Jiang Jinzhu bus station:0738-5212587
Lianyuan bus station: 0738-6543066
Bimodal bus station: 0738-6828535
Xinhua bus station: 0738-3521001
XiangHua CITS: 0738-8252222
The taxi company:  0738-8803888
Xiang yun driving:  0738-6429099
Tourism transportation company: 0738-8182550
Vocational and technical training schools:0738-8803169
Loudi passenger car repair factory: 0738-8311367
Cold water jiang passenger car repair factory:0738-6320001



·Loudi xiang yun tieba

·China's ministry of transport

·Loudi road transport administration

·Hunan province highway transport administration

·Loudi people's government of the net

·Hunan province transportation hall

·Hunan road transport administration

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Loudi passenger branch
Xinhua branch
Cold water jiang passenger branch
Bimodal branch
Lianyuan branch
South of the car of loudi
Loudi passenger car repair factory
Cold water jiang passenger car repair factory
Loudi XiangHua international travel service
Loudi hunan tourism transportation company
Loudi xiang yun taxi company
Loudi xiang yun driver training school
Loudi hunan vocational and technical training schools
  Enterprise honorMore and more...
Road passenger transportation enterprise quality credit evaluationAAAGrade enterprise
The company was awarded“Keep the contract heavy credit unit”
Millions of workers in hunan province“The Olympic Games”Fitness activities advanced unit
Non-public enterprises in hunan province“Double love double review” Trustworthy enterprise employees
Hunan province model worker's home
Hunan province to create a learning organization Vying for the knowledge worker activity best learning organization
Factory democratic management advanced unit in hunan province
2011In the Spring Festival transportation workers safe return(Duty)Safety and quality services advanced collective competition
The whole country“Ankang cup”Race superior enterprises
The national model enterprise with harmonious labor relations
Loudi xiang yun group The phone:0738—8800862
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