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Company profile
  •   Guangzhou fortun school bus service co., LTD1999In business,Is the most authoritative in south China、The most professional、The earliest bus service business enterprise。According to the adjustment of national policy,Fortun bus started in the difficult,In the struggle to move forward,Develop in the innovation,In developing stronger。In the past ten years,With the success of the school buses management experience。Fortun by school bus2015Years4Listed in nansha district government approval。Become a larger domestic professional school bus leasing enterprise brand。The company registered capital of above ten thousand yuan。At present, the company already has hundreds of new national standard on the school bus。And successively in huadu district of guangzhou city,Panyu district,Operations in areas such as the nansha district。Service scope covers the pearl river delta region。And extend to hunan province etc medium cities all over the country。

         Over the years,Fortun bus receives“For our safety,Responsible for the society”Company business philosophy。Children's safety is our tenet、Let their children are safe and comfortable ride the school bus is our promise。The company in good faith、Professional、Security service to win the future。


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