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  • Chinese nickname: Zweig、Time weigle、Lanz wei especially article alias: Rotburger、 Zweigeltrebe、 Blauer ZweigeltZweigelt(Helwig)Is one of the typical varieties native to Austria,It is also often referred to asBlauer Zweigelt,Isblaufr&au...【Click on the details】
  • Foreign language alias:ŽUPLJANKA、ChasselasZupljanka(Zhu Puliang card)Is native to Serbia's white grape varieties,It is by the former Yugoslavia grape breedersDragoslav MilisavljevicDr Through two red grape variety hybridization(Prokupac (Prokopac...【Click on the details】
  • The left superior red(Zuoyouhong)Red grape variety is native to China,It is by the Chinese academy of agricultural sciences institute of specialty20Years by a strain of vitis amurensis and Eurasian strains of repeated varieties breeding,By finally‘79-26-18’With‘74-1-326’Hybrid cultivated...【Click on the details】
  • Main cotton twips(Zoumiatiko)Is white grape variety originating in Greece。It is a rare grape varieties。It mainly grown in northern Greece。ZoumiatikoIs mainly used to blend with other production making white wine and pink wine。It is brewed...【Click on the details】
  • Chinese nickname:Green wiener、Well -、Green forest、Green fayette Lena、Green watts linacre foreign alias:Bielospicak、Cima Biancam、Dreimänner、Feherhegyü、Feldlinger、Grauer Veltliner (in Austria)...【Click on the details】
  • Foreign language alias:Zlatarica Vrgorska、Bila Loza、Drackinja、Plavka、Zlatarica Bijela、Zlatarica Blatska Bijeli、ZlatarytzaZelaya tillie(Zlatarica)Is native to Croatia white grape varieties。In Croatia...【Click on the details】
  • Chinese nickname:It card alias:Mostarska、Zhelavka Biella、Žilavka、Mostarska Žilavka、Žilava Hercegovačka、Zilavka、Žilavka Bijela、Žilavka MostarskaZilavkaIs a white grape varieties,It is the original...【Click on the details】
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      Chinese nickname:Chardonnay、Chardonnay、Chardonnay、Sally danni、When the snow、Sally when foreign alias:Arboisier、Arnaison blanc、Arnoison、Aubain、Aubaine、Auvergnat blanc、Auvernas、Auvernas blanc、Auvernat bla...
    • CabernetSauvignonCabernet sauvignon grape varietiesCabernetSauvignonCabernet sauvignon grape varieties
      Chinese nickname:Card of this traditional sauvignon weng、Bernard sauvignon、Cabell、Cabernet、Cabernet SuoWeiNong、Cabernet Sue strong taste、Add this power sauvignon、Cabernet sauvignon、Cabernet sauvignon、Card in the ode weng English nickname:Burdeos Tintos、 Bidure、 Bor...