About dragon bridge
About dragon bridge

New material co., LTD. Was established in huizhou dragon bridge2007Years10Month5Day,Is engaged in the TV accessories(The silica gel、Sliver、Insulation slices)、Waterproof breathable membrane、Anti-static foam、Anti-staticPETThe die cutting experts。We in line with the spirit of creating value for customers by action,By the quality、Service、Technology、Price as the core to actively participate in the development of the major national electronics factory、The production and processing。At the same time we still die cutting materials solutions experts,Collocation is more appropriate excipients solutions for customers。

Company equipment is complete,The environment is exquisite,Plant scale1500Square meters,With circular knife machine、1M2The large size of film cutting machine、Full automatic die cutting line combination、Slicing machine、Laser machine and other specialized equipment,And the number of article points、Joint、Cut the volume、Slice and other auxiliary equipment,At the same time equipped with complete product testing equipment(2DTester、Viscosity tester、Hardness of the analyzer、XRFTester)And a prototype device,In die cutting10Years of engineers and researchers8People,In strict accordance with the qualityISO14000AndISO9001Strict management,BeLGAs optimal Show supplier。

We will, as always adhering to the line of three cultures,China's national brand management idea,Use real materials die-cutting processing products,Provides the security for the customer、Fine Prospective service 。 

Factory equipment

Huizhou dragon bridge new materials co., LTD

Contacts:Mr Liu    Contact phone number:13631968959    Enterprise's official website:www.yongzhaier.cn

Address:Huizhou ZhongKai high-tech zone round pretty breeze three road west street108NumberBBuilding the fifth floor

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