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Glass fiber reinforced plastic products
Stainless steel products
Acid and alkali storage tank
The pressure vessel
The anti-corrosion insulation
The sanitation facilities
Sports equipment
The cooling tower
AppropriateChang yulong industrial co., LTD. Yichang is the earliest engaged in the development of glass fiber reinforced plastic products production and stainless steel water tank production-oriented enterprises。Company has strong technical strength、Sophisticated production equipment,Has a group of high-quality research and development、Management、Production and technical personnel and high-tech content product patent technology,Its main products--High water tank,In east sichuan、Western hubei enshi area occupies the market dominant position,Enjoy the high quality Credibility,Many times in hubei province"Customer satisfaction products"The title of honor。 More than a decade,The company is committed to product improvement and development,The introduction of modern management mechanism and advanced production technology,Expanding product variety and improve product quality,Has been formed:Glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank、Stainless steel water tank、Acid and alkali storage tank and tank、The pressure vessel、Anti-corrosion insulation equipment、The sanitation facilities、Sports equipment、Cooling tower eight series products。The scale of production and technological level in the same industry leading position。 Yulong industrial co., LTD is located in yichang, yichang wu family area river bridge,Marina critical of the Yangtze river、Close to the highway,The transportation is convenient、The environment is exquisite。In this company"Quality first,The user is supreme"For the purpose,Wholeheartedly for the general customers to provide quality products and good after-sales service,Warmly welcome your visit。

Address:Yichang district riverfront ping wu family car than all the people    Across the city
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