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Xinhua lifting its enterprises:Wuxi xinhua hoisting tools co., LTD。Company headquarters is located in the beautiful scenery of the taihu lake—Jiangnan ancient town village in one thousand。Adjacent to the beijing-shanghai high-speed railway,Wuxi airport,Huning、Shanghai and Beijing、Coastal highway。Developed transport and logistics network,The research and manufacturing base,Is building a more perfect“THLEXinhua lifting”National brand。

The company is a member of Chinese ports、Jiangsu province high and new technology enterprise、China classification societyCCSFactory authorized enterprise、American bureau of shippingABSFactory authorized enterprise。Our main products areThe grab bucket、Rigging,The existing staff240Name,The construction area26000Square meters,Assets1.2One hundred million yuan,Is China's rigger rigging industry enterprises。

Company after 10 years of rapid development,Has a large number of research and development design and professional manufacturing services personnel。Has become China's bigger rigger rigging、Manufacturing、The test site,Test capability of domestic products。Companies strictly enforceISO9001:2008Quality management system,Product inspection in strict accordance with the China classification societyCCS《Product test program》The execution。

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The company's products strictly implementedISO9001/2000Quality management system,Double qualified product quality and service quality is the goal we pursue,Products by the Chinese classCCS,American bureau of shippingABSSubstituting certification。>READMORE
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