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Righteousness and axle began1994,Only for high-quality goodsDefine the axle quality in China
  • Commercial vehicle axle
  • By using axle
  • Agricultural machinery axle
1.5Tons of electric light truck front axle assembly

Customizable parameters is introducedProduct parameters:1.5Tons of drum
The rated load(Kg):1000~1500
Kingpin inclinationr1:7.5°
Wheel camberr2:1°
King pinL1:1165~1360
Plate spring fromL2:650~780
Rim end from the installationL3:1515~1770
Wheel bolt circle¢1:Φ190

For detailsCustom immediately

Double wishbone suspension frame

Customizable parameters is introducedBefore the beam:0-3mm
Wheel base:1450mm
Ocean shipping around the corner:34°
In the round corner:37°
Friction plate area:51.08㎡
Suspension structure form:Double beam structure
Brake disc diameter and plate thickness:∅66.7mm
Applicable models:Pickup、The micro card、Light

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3Tons of wheat corn machine amphibious steering axleACY

Customizable parameters is introducedSpokes:1634mm
The rear wheel camber Angle:2.5°
Kingpin obliquity:4°
Before the rear beam:6-10
To form:Single hydraulic oil cylinder driving steering
Rear axle swinging Angle:12°(Unilateral)
The rear wheel Angle:40°
With rack mounting dimensions:∅25
The hub and spoke plates connecting bolts:5*M16*1.5(∅157.8*∅205)

For detailsCustom immediately

Righteousness and seriously treat every custom requirementsTreat every custom requirement seriously

  • 01Improve the customization
    Demand form
  • 02Analysis
    Customer requirements
  • 03The team
    Design for discussion
  • 04Internal audit
    Issue the drawings
  • 05Drawings for confirmation
    Communication changes
  • 06Axle
    The sample production
  • 07The samples
    Loading road test
  • 08The batch
    Put into production

China quality of axleDefinitionChina quality of axle

  • 01.Technology research and development
  • 02.Rigorous selection
  • 03.Seiko production
  • 04.Comprehensive inspection
  • 05.Global service

Technology research and development

Rigorous selection

Seiko production

Comprehensive inspection

Global service

Five major production factory,Meet the demand of various series axle customizationFive production plant, the supply of various series of bridge products

Advice immediatelyTo make an appointment to visit

And the righteousClassic case of cooperation

  • Electric vehicle front axle case
  • Electric car rear axle case
  • Harvester steering axle case
  • Drive axle case
  • Technical quality cooperation case
Beijing treasure of card front axle assembly application cases
Beijing card front axle assembly application cases in the treasure worth cooperation detailsRighteousness and axle as strategic cooperation suppliers futian group,For supporting the front axle assembly、Straight rod assembly、UType bolt, etc,Many fukuda won outstanding supplier award、Science and technology...
Beijing new energy cooperation
Beijing new energy cooperation case introduction for detailsRighteousness and axle of cooperation with Beijing automotive group has ten years of history,The two sides has maintained close relations of cooperation,With its new energy electric cars、New energy electric vans、Traditional power...
Long yasuda agricultural machinery application form a complete set of drive axle case
Long yasuda agricultural machinery application form a complete set of drive axle case cooperation detailsLong yasuda agricultural machinery(Suzhou)Yasuda co., LTD., is long(China)A new subsidiary of investment co., LTD,Is a collection development、Manufacturing、Sales and services in an integrated farm machinery...
John Deere supporting drive axle application cases
John Deere supporting applications drive axle case cooperation detailsJohn Deere is John Deere day tow co., LTD(China)Investment co., LTD and tianjin tractor manufacturing co., LTD2000Years8In a joint venture of sino-foreign joint ventures。The main products are drag...

Certificate of honor

Jia top ten suppliersSinotruk, excellent suppliers
Jianghuai automobile quality awardThe mark award for win-win cooperation
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