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Xianyang huiyuan chemical co., LTD      Xianyang huiyuan chemical co., LTDIs a collection of chemical trade、Warehousing、Logistics is an integrated chemical business enterprise。Company is located in the rapid development of xi 'an-Xianyang economic district,Road network weaving,The transportation is convenient,Covers an area of20Mu。
      Mainly engaged in oil toluene、Xylene、Ethyl acetate、Anhydrous ethanol、Acetone、Butanone、Methylene chloride、Chloroform、Tetrahydrofuran(THF)、Dimethyl formamide(DMF)、Isopropyl alcohol、Cyclohexanone、Solvent oil(6#、120#)、Butyl acetate、Glacial acetic acid、Methanol(Natural gas、Coking)......

  • Xianyang huiyuan chemical co., LTD
  • Office address:Xianyang emerging south road115Number
  • Warehouse address:Xianyang wei city grain and oil3Number
  • Contact phone number:029-33233059
  • The company by fax:029-38181282
  • Contacts:Mr. Li 13892986733
  • Mr. Brooke 18909107978
  • The mailbox:hysales@yongzhaier.cn
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