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Taian tube building materials co., LTD

Taian tube building materials co., LTD,At the foot of mount tai is located in the world-famous,Beijing-fuzhou road in the west,Shanghai and Beijing road in the north,Is aReinforced concrete cement pipesFor the leading product of modern enterprise,The main production of various kinds of reinforced concrete cement pipe、Cement pipesReinforced concrete pipeLarge diameter concrete pipe、Pipe jacking、Precast concrete box culvertPower Fang HanCement prefabricated、Storm sewer、The permeable brick、Planting grass brick、Slope protection brick、Covers various cement prefabricated。Our factory existing fixed assets1000More than ten thousand yuan,Employees100More than one,Professional and technical personnel26Name,Cover an area of an area6.38Million square meters。From reinforced concrete pipe specificationsФ200~Ф3600In the form of interface:The flat、Tongue-and-groove、Socket、Flexible interface, etc。At the same time also produces by the culvert、Rail pipe jacking。

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Address:Tai\u2019an City tai shan district province ZhuangZhenNa Xu Village

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