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The latest shipment
  • Ningbo****Steel structure co., LTD,Manager zhao
    Placing an orderQ345DLarge diameter welded pipe The number:180Tons,Have shipment

  • Jiangsu xuzhou caigang room;Contacts:Mr. Li
    Placing an order16MnWelded pipe The number:28Tons,Has been ordered。

  • Jinan power co., LTD Contacts:Eva airways had scheduled another round-trip charter
    Order precision welded pipe The number:19Tons,Have shipment。
  • Liaocheng**Bearing co., LTD Contacts:Qin's manager
    Cold rolling welded pipe quantity to order:20Tons,Have shipment。

  • Smoke a grinding tool manufacturing co., LTD Contacts:Mr. Sun
    Placing an orderQ345BThick wall tube welding quantity:31Tons,Have shipment

  • Dalian fishing tackle co., LTD,Contacts:The horse manager
    Small diameter welded pipe quantity to order:27Tons,Have shipment

  • Heze transformer equipment co., LTD Contacts:The horse manager
    Cold drawn welded pipe quantity to order:13Tons,Have shipment。

  • Hydraulic factory in chongqing Contacts:Mr. Sun
    Small diameter welded pipe quantity to order:210Tons,Have sign for it。

  • Pneumatic components factory in xinjiang Contacts:In the manager
    Large diameter welded pipe quantity to order:300Tons,Have sign for it。

  • Xi 'an motorcycle maintenance center Contacts:Manager wang
    Order precision welded pipe The number:12Tons,Have sign for it。

  • Harbin**Boiler co., LTD Contacts:Mr. Sun
    Placing an order89*4Welding control number:60Tons,Have shipment

  • Shanghai**Car chair factory,Contacts:Mr. Wang
    Auto weld pipe quantity to order:3Tons,Has been ordered。

Company qualification

     Wuxi macro giant LTD co., LTD is specialized in the business:Welded pipe,Straight seam welded pipe,16MnWelded pipe,Q345BWelded pipe,High frequency welded pipe, etc。Our factory specializing in the production of various specifications、Thick wall round/The rectangular high-frequency welded steel pipe,The main feature is a small thick wall tube welding、Cold drawn pipe、Go inside burr tube,Specifications fromφ10—φ100Range,Wall thickness1.0mm—8.0mm,Products are widely used in machinery、A car、Motorcycle、The bicycle、Furniture、Electrical appliances、Chemical industry、Fitness equipment tents, etc,And can produce special specifications according to customer's request。 
My factory has excellent welded pipe units and strong technical force,Exquisite production technology and stable product quality,From raw material purchase until after-sales service the whole process of quality management,To further ensure the product quality and customer satisfaction。
   Macro giant LTDAll kinds of special specifications can be tailor-made for the user Welded pipe,Straight seam welded pipe,Spiral welded pipe,The high frequency welded pipe,Timely delivery,The price is low,Quality,Accompanied by the original material books or copy,Holiday business as usual、Can help and trucks、The fire is,...[More and more]


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