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Haining Huage Decorative Material Co.,LTD.

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Haining China building materials decorative materials
  • Planning

    For your room、Outdoor decoration plan and cost accounting

  • Research and development

    Please let us know your needs,From the design、Mapping、Proofing、Sculpture、Renovation、Moulding, etc,Help you develop you want products

  • Design

    We have a strong design team and experienced master of the field processing,Help you design the effect you want

  • Production

    We have high quality products and many new products are available,Provide convenience for your choice

  • Sales

    Products are exported to Europe and the United States、The Middle East、All major cities in Asia and mainland China,Also invite you to join us,Have you to join us,Make China more exciting

  • Service

    The company operates24Hours for your service special line,Have project experts to solve your engineering and the technical difficulties

  • The construction

    We are a famous planning、Research and development、Design、Production、Sales、Service、Construction of integrated production enterprises,Has a strong professional construction team,Help you one-stop solution to all problems

Haining China decoration material co., LTD

Development·Design·Production·The construction

Consulting services hotline:

Consulting customization

Choose the haining Wagner4Big core strengths

Do you master of architectural decorationwhy do you choose jindian?

  • Choose the haining Wagner4Big core strengths
  • Choose the haining Wagner4Big core strengths
  • Ten years
    Production experience

  • Professional team
  • Their own
    International logistics
  • To build

  • 01

    Enterprise strength Create professional brand
    Enterprise power to create professional brand

    Haining Wagner is a design、Production、Marketing integration enterprise,After years of innovation,Currently has the exquisite design technology, and rapid production capacity,Has the fashion creation and production capacity。

  • 02

    Brand-new visual concept and design style
    New visual concepts and design style

    Design the product beauty is generous,In different country style,Across the east-west cultural essence,Proficient in classical and modern art。With the new visual concept model and a number of style decoration industry。

  • 03

    Product variety For your choice
    Rich variety of products for your choice

    European-style decorative thread(Horny line、Flat line、Carve patterns or designs on woodwork、Element face)、PULine、Roman column、Graphic column、The lamp panel、Lamp pool、Frame line and all indoor and outdoor decorative products。

  • 04

    Quality services to meet customer demand
    Quality services to meet the needs of customers

    The company insists on quality from the date of birth for this,Service first business philosophy,With professional technology,Advanced social security,Scientific management,Will be high-quality products,A high standard of service dedicated to the user's life。

Haining China decoration material co., LTD

Development·Design·Production·The construction

Consulting services hotline:

Consulting customization

Haining China decoration material co., LTD is a professional production and sales,PULine,PUWall act the role ofing board,PUThe lamp panel,PUBracket,PUDecorative flowers,PUPicture frame,PUThe door,PUWall units,PUWidgets,The Roman column, etcPUDecorative products enterprises。Products diverse styles,Complete specifications,Fine decorative pattern,Equipped with all kinds of fashion color;White,The colour,Gold and silver,Antique silver,Antique bronze,Antique bronze,Antique gold,White water,Coloured drawing or pattern,Pure gold,Sterling silver,Pure copper,Wash uncluttered gold,Washed white coloured drawing or pattern, etc for your choice。 After the enterprise staff unremitting efforts,Has become the industry design,Mapping,Proofing,Sculpture,Molding,Production,Sales for the integration of large enterprises。The company has high-tech production equipment,Professional design team,The number of production team。Companies adhering to the“The good faith,Professional,Innovation”Belief,Independent research and development, production and brand promotion,The pursuit of excellence in perfecting,Meet customers' different requirements,To provide better service to our customers。 PULine refers to the usePUThe line of synthetic raw materials production。PUIsPolyurethaneThe abbreviations,The Chinese called polyurethane referred to as polyurethane。In order to hardpuFoam is made,This kind of hardpuFoam in placer in two ingredients mixing at a high speed,And then into the mold design,And the formation of hard skin。At the same time use non-fresno formula,Do not have chemical controversial,Is the new century environmental protection decorative products。Simply modify the formula,To get a different density、Elasticity、Physical properties such as rigidity。PULine feature:1、Resistant to decay,Moisture proof,Mouldproof,Resistance to acid and alkali,Will not be affected by weather and crack or deformation,Can be washed,Long service life。2、Flame retardant,Is not spontaneous combustion,No fuel,Leave the fire can be automatically extinguished。3、Light,Good hardness ……

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