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  • ★Recently there are grave and the cemetery staff in the name of the cemetery cemetery false advertising sales,To the customers bring unnecessary trouble,Company to remind the customer to buy a graveyard, please look for the cemetery burial(North Mang cemetery certificate special seal)、申购单,Local taxation bureau of henan province network invoice,Be short of one cannot。If there is any doubt, please consult:Ms zhang 0371-64914444 A mobile phone:17788115800
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   Xingyang shibei Mang cemetery(Affiliated to the xingyang shibei Mang cemetery co., LTD)In order to“On behalf of all the sons and daughters of filial,For millions of families”For the purpose,Legal cemetery is approved by the department of henan province,Have a broad space for development,Is a collection of sightseeing、Tourism and leisure、Worship for the integration of multi-function cemetery。 Xingyang shibei Mang cemetery located in xingyang high village township mouth cattle MangShan valley village north。Zhongyuan wonders of Taoist holy land in the east----Dragon head,The ancient battlefield-----Han the second city on the planet,Bordering on the heart of the Yellow River;West ancient granary-----AoCang,Three British stand lyu3 bu4 tiger firmly shut;The wide south jams wu3 da4 plain,Looking at the shaolin temple;The north shore of the motherland mother river----The Yellow River。 Majestic north Mang cemetery to the mountain,In fact made up the top of the cemetery,Overlooking the foot,Rolling in the Huang Heben eastward,Really sideses water heaven;Fertile land, white,A piece of green,Is invigorating。Cemetery mountains freely crisscross,Form a lot of natural landscape。There is“QianZhuQiao,After basaltic,Tsing lung left,The right white tiger”The land;There is“Dragons and phoenixes、Tortoise print”The land.......。There are six recorded in xingyang eight sights here:AoShan afterglow、Tiger and white snow、Cattle lipstick springs、Guandu Philippine、Wuling pomegranate、Dragon qingyun;Enough to feast one's eyes on of National People's Congress。Tang master liu yuxi's poem as the l\/c:“Born in Sue resistance,They buried him in the north Mang”Once again confirms the rich cultural background,Is a rare fine shazi on high ground。 North Mang cemetery with convenient transportation,Los high speed、310Aisle beside。From zhengzhou40Minutes' drive,Xingyang、On the streets only30Minutes' drive,And away from the city planning,Become permanent cemetery。When customer visit,To see the countryside:sprin,MaiMiaoEr blue,Flowers yellow,Apricot flowers、Pear flower、The apple blossom in full bloom,A vibrant。Customers can watch the beautiful spring scenery;autum,The apple、Pomegranate、Walnut is ripe,A harvest scene。The client may feel“Tori picking,Carefree and see nanshan”Lasting appeal,To appreciate“Yellow River water heaven”The spectacular。 Ups and downs for decades,Don't bury north Mang is regret。The motherland mother river---The Yellow River,With her sweet milk has brought up the outstanding sons and daughters of the Chinese nation,After gone back to mother's arms,Get a mother's care,Must remain through the ages,To our offspring。Compared with other tombs north Mang cemetery of managers,The most distinctive is the service idea rose to the highest realm。Our modern management is not additive,Is not a subtraction,Just restore。To restore to the every life is the most primitive of the humanities and the overall consideration。
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