Her bright Windows and doorsEfforts to make China's high-end aluminum alloy doors and Windows

Four big Windows and doors profiles

Four door and window profiles advantages

High quality surface treatment technology:Smooth texture、Simulation is high

High purity aluminum,Material of environmental protection,High machining precision,Spraying,Wood grain,Bending cracks

To ensure profile extrusion:No deformation、Don't bend

We have the form a complete set of aluminum production base,From the source control first-class products!

Her bright Windows and doors productsNovel design,Good quality,High-quality service

Since the market favored by domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise and praise!

Choose her brightSix big reasons

6 reasons to choose yu huang

Professional research concept of technological innovation

Her bright Windows and doors in product innovation research and development has never stopped the pace,Products、New color model,Help customers to quickly adapt to the market demand

Standardization、Automatic production mode

Her bright Windows and doors into Germany、The United States、Italy advanced production equipment,Established the line of doors and Windows industry standards and technical specifications

12Years of research and development production experience

The earliest engaged in the doors and Windows profiles of production-oriented enterprises,12In the production、The project design、Processing and the experience of supporting services

Quality assurance

Her bright Windows and doors have window of door of specialized r&d and testing center,In strict accordance with the qualityISOQuality management,The systemic security products、Integrity and balance

Product delivery date

A large production base10000Many,Annual production capacity30000More than party,A large number of spot for a long time,Guarantee delivery cycle

One-stop customized products

According to the needs of customers to sample figure,Rely on many years of research and development technology and production quality control experience,Satisfy various needs

The introduction of Germany extrusion equipment and technology and surface processing technology in Italy

Establish process quality standardization of automation production mode

Her bright Windows and doors products rich、Novel surface treatment,Is ahead of the industry

Satisfy your different custom requirementsAdvice immediately

The national hotline:0757-85509991  0757-85562005  0757-85529846  

Her bright Windows and doorsTwelve years deep door industry,Has won numerous honors

China's private enterprises reform cultivating engineering practice base unit、Foshan standardized tertiary enterprise production safety、China's aluminium Windows and doors first brand ISO9000Quality management system certification enterprises、Three top ten national building materials consumer trustworthy enterprise、Nanhai district, Dali town doors and Windows hardware association member units

  • One of the ten famous brands in China's doors and Windows

  • The national consumers trust the brand

  • Specify the practice base of Beijing university

  • AAAGrade enterprise

  • China construction recommend products

  • Choice of green environmental protection product

  • Yi plastic authorized company in Germany

  • Safety production standard level 3 companies

  • Industry association executive director units

  • Real estate pillar brands of guangdong province

Walked into her

About us

Foshan her bright Windows and doors co., LTD. Was founded in2006Years7Month1Day,Is located in known as“China aluminum”Said——Dali town, located in nanhai district, foshan city, guangdong province,Is domestic specialized is engaged in the hutch defends door、The balcony door、The bedroom door、Partition door、Move the door、The design of Windows and other household products、Research and development、Production、Sales、Services in an integrated modern enterprise。The company has many professional design team、Perfect service talent team and strong support system,Throughout the service outlets throughout the country,Let you to buy,With comfort!Because the company product design,The function is all ready,Good quality,Perfect,Since the market favored by domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise and praise。

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To be continued……


Product has won“Real estate pillar brands of guangdong province”,Was elected“Industry association of guangdong province standing member of the first session of the council”Signed with Beijing university:China's private enterprises reform cultivating engineering practice base cooperation agreement


With Germany, combining the letter,Take imported hot melt line synchronizing insulating strip


Foshan her bright Windows and doors co., LTD., completed and put into operation,Joined her bright aluminum industry co., LTD., after the second brand subsidiary


Her bright Windows and doors design research and development center,Become her greatest series products“China construction recommend products”“The national consumer satisfied brand”


The company size to upgrade again,The whole move,Plant area to expand9000Many,Storage capacity3000Tons,Products at the same time“China's doors and Windows industry ten big brands”“Choice of green environmental protection product”And so on many honors


Annual output value of one hundred million for the first time,Flagship store200Several,At the same time in guangzhou and Shanghai building materials exhibition,Marks her bright Windows and doors series product line into a new era


In order to adapt to market development needs,Company a new generation of the broken bridge screens together with king kong net products,Further stabilize her bright products lead,The first flagship officially opened its franchisees


Foshan already upgraded the plant area to bright Windows and doors co., LTD3000Party,At the same time the introduction of Germany、The United States、Italy advanced production equipment,Establish quality standardization process、Automation of production mode


To open the exhibition hall in big drain the phoenix materials market,Registration“Her bright Windows and doors”Brand,And for the first time in guangzhou building materials exhibition,Began to focus on the development of aluminum doors and Windows


In the face of the global financial crisis,Company adjust strategy,Was the first to develop aluminum bag wood grain belt wire netting products,Every advantage lay the doors and Windows market industry


The company was set up,“And enjoy wealth”Product launch market

The partner



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