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Wenzhou grand police equipment co., LTDFounded in2003Years,After years of development,Has become a large-scale police equipment manufacturing enterprises in China,The main production of special vehicle vehicle warning lights、Automobile electronic alarm、The speaker、Police helmets、Police shield、Extra clothes、Bulletproof vest、Riot gear、Police law enforcement recorder、Safety protection equipment、Transportation equipment、Intelligent security equipment, etc,The company headquarters to wenzhou Ryan。Employees300Many people,Modern standard factory building20000Square meters。 The grand company brings together a group of outstanding research and development、Technology、Management、Sales and service personnel,With strong technical development capability。Successfully developed a special vehicle identification lamps and car alarms、The speaker、Motorcycle JingJu、Police equipment,Intelligent security equipment,Protective equipment、Transportation equipment and other five series products,Products280More than,There are four invention patents,Thirty-one utility model patents,Thirty-five appearance patents ······
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