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Hillary-haters may look forward tianjin steel sales co., LTD

Our company located in tianjin, tianjin office address,In2012Years03Month08In tianjin beichen district bukchang town, jing bao industrial park(Grand garden)BFloor201、202Number was established,The registered capital is3000000,In the company's development7In the year,We always provide comprehensive support to our customers、A sound pre-sale、Sale and after-sales service,Our company is mainly engaged in weathering steel,Rust steel plate,Wear plate,We have professional metal rust products team,The company is tianjin board(Belt)Materials industry well-known enterprises,If you are interested in our metal rust,Look forward to your online message or to inquire。

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Rust plate engraved designs offer_Rust plate engraved designs offer producers,Update time:2019-01-05

Rust plate engraved designs offer_Rust plate engraved designs offer producers

Our company is mainly engaged in steel material:     Carbon steel plate:Q235BThe steel plate、Q235CThe steel plate、Q235DThe steel plate、Q235EThe steel plate。     High quality carbon steel plate:10#The steel plate、20#The steel plate、35#The steel plate、45#The steel plate、50#The steel plate、20MnThe steel plate、25MnThe steel plate、30MnThe steel plate、35MnThe steel plate、40MnThe steel plate、45MnThe steel plate、50MnThe steel plate。    High strength low alloy steel:Q345BThe steel plate、Q345CThe steel plate、Q345DThe steel plate、Q345EThe steel plate、Q460BThe steel plate、Q460CThe steel plate、Q460DThe steel plate。    Pressure vessel steel plate:Q245RThe steel plate、20GThe steel plate、Q345RThe steel plate、15CrMoRThe steel plate。    Spring steel plate:27SiMnThe steel plate、35SiMnThe steel plate、55SiMnThe steel plate、60Si2MnThe steel plate、65MnThe steel plate。    High strength wear resistant steel plate:NM360Wear plate、NM400Wear plate、NM450Wear plate、NM500Wear plate。    Sweden import steel plate:HARDOX400Wear plate、HARDOX450Wear plate、HARDOX500Wear plate。    High manganese steel:Mn13The steel plate、Mn16The steel plate。    Alloy steel structure:20CrThe steel plate、40CrThe steel plate、15CrMoThe steel plate、20CrMoThe steel plate、25CrMoThe steel plate、30CrMoThe steel plate、35CrMoThe steel plate、40CrMoThe steel plate、42CrMoThe steel plate、20Mn2The steel plate、40Mn2The steel plate、50Mn2The steel plate、20MnSiThe steel plate、20CrMnMoThe steel plate。Honest and integrity、Fair and justice:“Honesty is not,Good”Is the core of Chinese traditional commercial spirit,Companies adhering to the traditional culture essence,The honest good faith、Fair as a way of people,Insist on this。
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