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Enterprise advantage
Some advantage to tell you why choose us to count
Space layout More human nature
Adhere to the good,For an inheritance to the essence,With the guests
Win-win business philosophy;Strives for the survival by the quality,
Seek development by service。
Product design More intimately
The production team、National certification of design team,
Always lead henan shelf industry development direction
Originality production More high quality
Shelf products have passedISO9001Quality
Quantity management system certification,To obtain“Safety production
Work advanced unit”Such as honor。
Service tracking More thoughtful
Service tracking The sincerity for this Value-added service Altogether
Enjoy value。24Call is feedback,Professional
Pre-sale,Intimate after-sales。
  • Dennis
    Zhengzhou Dennis department store in1995In formal planning,Is Taiwan east yu group under the home department、The big stores……
  • China aviation lithium electricity
    China aviation lithium electricity(Luoyang)Co., LTD. Is established China aviation industry group company and its subordinate units,Chengdu set……
  • The tow group co., LTD
    The tow group co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as the drag)Formerly known as the tractor factory,Is“Five”Period156A……
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  • Mitsubishi heavy industries
    Mitsubishi heavy industries was founded in1870Years,So far has a history of hundred years,Is Japan's military Production enterprises。……
  • Henan said han yu real estate co., LTD
    Henan said han yu group was established2006Years,Is the housing industry to give priority to,Collection of real estate development、Engineering construction……
  • Henan construction vocational and technical college
    Vocational and technical college is located in erqi district of zhengzhou city, henan province architecture,Is a set of higher vocational school of construction of henan province……
  • Luoyang vocational college of science and technology
    Luoyang technology vocational college is approved by the henan province people's government,Colleges and universities of ministry of education for the record,Has the issue of higher education……
  • Luoyang institute of technology
    Luoyang institute of technology,Is located in“In one thousand,Peony huacheng”The reputation of the ancient capital——Luoyang in henan province……
  • Is easy for customers
    Engaged in the door24Hours convenient chain management company,It has been 46 chain convenience stores,In luoyang city……
  • Xinyang normal university
    Xinyang normal university was founded1975Years,Formerly known as kaifeng normal college(Henan university today)Xinyang sorting。……

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Luoyang mita storage equipment co., LTD(The original mengjin jack kao storage equipment manufacturing co., LTD),Was established2004Years,Fixed asset investment2500Ten thousand yuan,Modern workshop2Million square meters,Is estate is engaged in the supermarket shelves、Storage shelves、Supermarket facilities,Set design、Research and development、Manufacturing、Sales、In the service of body comprehensive enterprise。Henan Dennis department store shelves of designated suppliers,Production base of export products。 Company headquarters is located in the birthplace of Chinese civilization,In one thousand“Luoyang”Huayang industry clusters;After the development of history,A key construction planning for five years,The heavy industry and new energy saving city,Mita warehouse according to the trend of The Times,“Love a dagger In the dream”,Adhere to……

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