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About Goldman sachs

2003Years,In cixi city of zhejiang province,Goldman sachs(GOSUN)Began to set up electronic co., LTD。Become the first domestic production,One of the enterprise research and development and manufacture of terminal blocks。2008Years,Goldman sachs electronic renamed ningbo Goldman sachs(GOOSVN)Electronics co., LTD,And to the enterprise research and development、Manufacture and so on main department to upgrade and extend,Become the main supplier of terminal。To people at Goldman sachs《Make the connection more safety!》The target for the enterprise,By constantly improving connection technology and innovation,And constantly improve the company management system to make our first to finish as high as among the same industry at home80%More automation product line。So far,Goldman sachs electronic has been in the world30A number of countries,Energy、Communications,The vehicle&The ship,Building,Security、Industrial automation and other industries continue to output high quality solutions and services。

Main Product

The main products

Application Area

Areas of application

The energy industry

Instrument industry

Industrial automation

The construction industry

Smart home industry

Communication industry

Security industry

Rail vehicles/Shipping industry

Goldman sachs electronic is dedicated to manufacturing to provide first-class products and quality services

Make the connection more safety!