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The national hotline: 0632-5559969

The national hotline:0632-5559969

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Shandong hanland CNC machine tool co., LTD

Shandong hanland CNC machine tool co., LTD

  Shandong hanland CNC machine tool co., LTD-In shandong province is located in su,Confucius and near mount taishan in the north,West weishan lake,The east ten thousand mu LiuYuan,The most important transportation hub of xuzhou city south by east China。Tengzhou have since ancient times“Thorough fares of nine provinces”The team said,Is the famous wholesale southern shandong area。The beijing-hangzhou grand canal、The beijing-shanghai high speed railway、The beijing-shanghai railway、104National highway、Beijing-fuzhou highway running through north and south,Xuzhou、Jinghang canal、Linyi、Jinan airport distribution in all directions,With the highway、Railway、Water transportation、Aviation four big traffic advantages。

  Company specializing in the production of CNC milling machine series、Radial drilling machine、Lie compound gantry machining center、Highly efficient vertical machining center、HDZXDrilling and tapping center,Complete specifications。The company has passedISO9001:2000Quality system certification,Comprehensive import systematically、Standardization、Standardized modern enterprise management concept,To implement“4S”Service strategy,Strictly carry out the product… To check the details