Xinyang lead the reform and opening-up endeavor,Xinyang security national security in the first 20 years of service,Xinyang has formation of civil air defense security service...
Company to carry out“To meet the July 1、The celebration party”Thematic education activity2019-7-3
In the PI、Provincial public security department of public security team carried out a line to xinyang...2019-6-27
The company moved to new announcements2019-6-12
Company to carry out the safety health education training2019-5-31
The successful completion of the company global tour convention of writing security work2019-5-23
The company successfully completed the bridge safety assessment acceptance work2019-5-16
In military affairs led to the company to carry out research work2019-5-15
  The dynamic of the industry                           More and more>>
·The core of marketing job security services company
·For your action---Electric vehicle anti-theft
·For your action---How to guard against theft in the home
·Security industry to implement services market-oriented industrialization
·China security association Luo Feng In the north...
·Three purposes to keep security team combat effectiveness
·Talent is the security industry development“The root”
  Laws and regulations                          More and more>>
·The safety operation guide
·Professional guards escorted the regulation of the use of guns
·《The regulation of security services》
·The People's Republic of China on public security administration punishments
·The ministry of public security on some rules of the company management of security service...
·Enterprise internal security regulations
·Security service operation procedures and quality control
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Xinyang state-owned assets supervision and administration commission
Xinyang state-owned assets supervision and administration commission
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Online ZhaChe system
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Xinyang city public security bureau portal
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Xinyang government portal website
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