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Rule of thumb,Took pictures of pregnant women should pay attention to these places


Many women want to take pictures during pregnancy,The best moment left them。In fact,Pregnant women should be paid attention to in the process of taking pictures。Some women pregnant all thumbs,So in the photo...

Don't force baby pictures to do these things,Watching you will understand


Baby there are one hundred days is very important。It is today,Many parents will give children leave some precious souvenir。Many new father and mother don't know what they need before taking pictures。...

The original children according to pose as you can see the relationship of children


For the baby,Toddlers and preschoolers,The traditional posture is unlikely to happen,But you can give your child some significant basic guidance,Make the photo look better。In the first place...

Originally took pictures of pregnant women before there are so many small details


When we learned that his stomach began to pregnant with a new life,We are both happy and excited,We have to celebrate and to record the moment,Pregnant women tend to take photograph...
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