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Dongguan city, the Thai special steel co., LTD

Dongguan Mr TigerSpecial steelThe specialty is engaged in the domestic and international famous special mold steel sales、Processing

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  • Dongguan city, the Thai special steel co., LTD
  • Dongguan city, the Thai special steel co., LTD
  • Dongguan city, the Thai special steel co., LTD
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Select the tiger4The big advantageThe company specializing in the production of high speed steel、Cold work tool steelsRong Gains I S O 9 0 0 1:2 0 0 8 Quality The amount Tube Richard Body Department To recognize Certificate
20Years of production experience,Strong20 years of production experience, the strength

Rich experience,Began1999Years,Has more than 10 years of professionalThe production of various kinds of industrial profiles, etc,Ensure your quality;

Steel prices consistent with quality equal quality,The price of a transparent system,Visible to the affordable price;Large-scale advancedNew type of machinery and equipmentLarge storage,More inventory

Easy availability,The price is materially beneficialEasy supply, affordable price

Large-scale advanced new machine equipment,Easy volume product,To provide the best products to our customers、Good technical support、A sound after-sales service

Omit the middlemen,On the customer,Clients。Make you cost one province again;

Professional r&d team,Quality assuranceProfessional R & D team, quality assurance

Own mold room,Cooperate with customer r&d and design more in place,It happenedFirst-class production line,With science and technology innovation and production efficiency;

Since founded over the years has been to"Quality first"Enjoys a good reputation in the industry products and high precision size,Was relieved from the trouble back at home;Contributing in Austria、Sweden、Germany、Japan and other advanced mold steel,Quality is stable、The variety is complete。

Perfect after-sale service systemPerfect after-sales service system

Have hadProfessional business peopleAnd services to customersThe factory through the period,Logistics system universal coverage,The implementationRapid logistics distribution

Exclusive offers perfectPre-sale、Sale、After salesService,Allows you to use worry-free products ordering cycle is short,Conventional products have cash reserves,Ensure timely delivery;

For the problem of user feedbackIn the province24Hours,Outside the province48HoursReply and processing。

The hotline:0769-88704913Consulting for quotation
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Dongguan city, the Thai special steel co., LTD

Dongguan city, the special steel co., LTD1999Years6Month23Established dongguan Mr Tai mold steel sales department。When it was formed mainly to supply part of the mold factory in dongguan mold steel,Give priority to with retail,Annual turnover for62Thousands of dollars。Passing by7Years of development,Arrived2007Years8In the company's annual turnover has been achieved428.56Thousands of dollars。Due to business growth and the expansion of sales,Company plans by the original retail into wholesale and retail,At the same time purchases a horizontal sawing machine、Vertical sawing machine、Nc flame cutting machine、Plane milling machine、End face milling machine、Grinding machine equipment to meet customer for the processing requirements of steel。

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