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Zinc steel balcony guardrailH006

Product introduction:Zinc steel balcony guardrail aksu-The powder coating,Permanent coating,No matter what kind of environment,Zinc steel guardrail will not rust,Fade,Pulverization,Fall off,Durable, bright colours..

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Shunyi protective zinc steel manufacture for ten years Professional production and sales of large-scale Design

It happened10Years of experience in non-standard custom team of professionals Create customer's satisfactory zinc steel protective products

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      Hunan shunyi protective facilities co., LTD(Hunan shunyi zinc steel)Founded in2010Years1Month,Company business scope:Wrought iron、The barriers、Steel、Building materials、Decorative materials,Hardware mechanical and electrical、Electronic product and production、Sales、The installation。Company's main hot dipping zinc alloy combined-type without welding the balcony railing、New type of guard against theft Net、The shutters、A guardrail、The fence、And stair armrest and electric telescopic doorICCard parking management system、Intelligent IC card system for the development of products and related material、Production、Sales and installation。

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