Yangzhou daily hing biological technology co., LTD is high-tech enterprises,Was established2004Years,Is located in gaoyou gaoyou town industrial park。Company is mainly engaged in anthraquinone products、Ammonia sugar products, and other fine chemical products research and development、Production and sales。After years of development,The company has formed dye intermediates、Disperse dye、Glucosamine three major product series。Companies pay attention to safety production、Environmental protection and research and development investment,With dye intermediates and disperse dye clean production technology as well as a variety of glucosamine product production technology,Establish and academician workstation each a Dr。Research and development center was identified as the provincial engineering technology research center。The company has obtained“Safety production standardization enterprise”、“The second prize of science and technology in jiangsu province”、“Consumer goods industry in jiangsu province‘The doctrine’Demonstration enterprises”And so on many honors。In the enterprise of jiangsu province environmental protection credit evaluation,The company is evaluated“Green enterprise”。2016Years1Month,Company's stock share transfer system for small and medium-sized enterprises in the country。

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