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Changzhou optimal fu software technology co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as:Changzhou firstwww.yongzhaier.cn)Was established2006Years,Is a professional enterprise management software development、The implementation、And operation maintenance services,Core partners, changzhou region authorized ufida co. LTD,Uf software, which is the main sales in changzhou、Financial software、ERPSoftware、The friendU8、The friendT6And so on。Changzhou optimal fu since its establishment,With the help of the new and old customers and support,All the staff of the efforts and struggle,Passing by10Years of business operation,Users totaled more than eight hundred in the city,Market share in the peer in the lead...
[The customer management]Is the company's basic business model and core business strategy。We will take the customer as the center,The value of the services to provide clients with full life cycle。Exceed customer expectations,Tomorrow and today, is to serve the customers,To meet customer demand,Create customer value。We have to close to the customers、Listen to customers,Learn from the customers,Actively treat customer complaints。We want from product management to customers,Set up and run the client management system,The initiative、For a long time、Comprehensive、Depth、All employees、Have profit to service and business customers。Professional specialization of survival is the company's survival and development。Not professional,The customer will be gone。Professional ability is the basis of customer relationship。Not professional,Individuals and companies hard to survive。Professional ability is the basis of merit and organizations。...
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