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  • SMDLEDLamp bead international standards High-end quality
    The international standard High-end quality

    On the photoelectricSMDLEDLamp beadProduct service life is longer,Attenuation is weak,The higher light efficiency,The function is more stable,Products are operators of the European UnionRoHSDirective requirements,Gold plated pins good weldability,High technology to produce able to work under the bad environment light source products,Products are operators of the European UnionRoHSDirective requirements。

  • SMDLEDLamp bead products application field widely
    Advanced equipment The product application field is broad

    Rui photoelectric owns4000Square meters of clean production workshop,Germany importsASMFully automaticLEDThe production line,High precision automationLEDSemiconductor packaging production equipment,Improve the antistatic system device,Applied to plant growth、The traffic lights、Indoor lighting、Industrial lighting、Decorative lighting、Lights, and other fields。

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    Excellent production staff groups,Professional technical personnel to guide,For you to provide more quality services;The strict specification production management and excellent product quality,It is our company for many years to obtain the root of many customers consistent high praise and trust;We will, as always, with high quality products,Reasonable price,Whole-hearted service every customer,And you would like to common development,Hand in hand。

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Photoelectric into the red


Shenzhen optoelectronic equipment co., LTD is a professionalSMDLEDLamp beadResearch and development、Production、Sales、Services for the integration of the photoelectric high-tech enterprises,The company production managers have nearly15Years of experience in production technology management,The main products haveSMDLEDLamp bead5730,High pressureSMDLEDLamp bead3528、High powerSMDLEDLamp bead5050Ultra bright blue light、SMDLEDLamp bead5050Ultra bright white light、Light and other series products;Our company produces the patchLEDThere are high brightness bead light、Attenuation is small、Stable performance、High cost performance, etc,IsLEDArticle lamp、LEDDaylight lamp、LEDAdvertising light source、LEDBack light、LEDThe choice of lamps and lanterns lighting equipment,The full automation production,Now the quantity100KK,With the increasing of investment in equipment,My company's the increase of the quantity is on the increase。

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SMDLEDLamp bead application cases
Rui photoelectric patchLEDLamp bead products applied to the music hall long service life,Attenuation is weak,The higher light efficiency,The function is more stable,Products are operators of the European UnionRoHSDirective requirements。
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SMDLEDLamp bead and diode?

SMDLEDLamp bead is a kind of semiconductor diode,Can convert electrical energy to light energy,So called light-emitting diodes (leds)。Light-emitting diodes (leds) with normal by a diodePNKnot,With unidirectional conductivity。When adding forward voltage to leds,FromPArea intoNThe holes and byNArea intoPThe electrons,Throughout the yearPNNear the junction several micrometers and respectivelyNThe electronic andPThe hole recombination,Spontaneous emission fluorescence。Different electrons and holes in the compound semiconductor materials,Spontaneous emission fluorescence。Different of electrons and holes in semiconductor materials of different energy states,The more energy release,The shorter the wavelength of light。Commonly used is a red glow,Green or yellow light diode。Later, due to the presence of the blue light diode,In combination with blue light、Red light、The green light to produce the principle of white light,The white light source,But now little white light through such a hybrid,Now the production of white light is most by blue chip with a light pink and yellow disaster。

LEDHow can patch lamp bead to be removed?

1、The most commonly used method is to use heating heating on the aluminum base board,When the tin can melt don't lamp bead。Aluminum plate with good heat dissipation function is a kind of metal base copper clad,General single panel composed of three layers structure,Is the copper foil circuit layer respectively,Insulating layer and the metal layer。Used for the design of high-end can also be used for the panel。Very few applications for the sandwich plate,Can be made by ordinary sandwich plate and the insulating layer、Aluminum base joint。LEDAluminum substrate isPCB,That is the meaning of the printed circuit board,PCBThermal conductivity is fast,BecauseLEDPatch lamp bead fever,SoLEDLamps and lanterns is generally use is aluminum plate。2、Constant temperature heating plate、Soldering iron,Hot air gun,Electric coin pan films such as heat preservation heat heating tool can be operated。

High powerLEDsmdThe lamp bead and low powerLEDsmdThe difference between lamp bead

A large number of commonly used at presentLEDLamp bead for small power0.06WThe small power lamp bead,Its lumen can do it7LM,If you need to let its power to achieve1W,Need to use15The sameLED,The total lumens15*7=105LM,That is to say, can do it100LM/W。 If the power for a single chip1WThe highest its lumen output can be done80LM,For routine60LMThe left and right sides。 From the manufacturing of products into the cost,High powerLEDThe cost is higher than that of small powerLEDThe cost,High powerLEDNeed to add the aluminum heat sink,And small power only need to use common circuit board,Through natural cooling can reach the effect of heat dissipation,One is the high power material is higher than the cost of small power。The cooling requirements:ALEDThe power is greater than the lamp bead0.2WThe above,You need to use aluminum plate to assist in heat dissipation,Power again bigLEDLights will need to increase the aluminum and the aluminum heat sink,Small power installation is too denseLEDAlso need to consider from the design at the cooling problem,Incorrect cooling will shortenLEDIn the life。(1)At present most of theLEDThe life of the lamps and lanterns5Thousands of hours,Use during which there will be many factors will influenceLEDIn the life,One of themICLife can limit the life of the lamps and lanterns。(2)LEDThe drive efficiency of the higher the better,On the design layout as far as possible away from heat source,LEDLamp bead also can adopt the way of glue,To achieve the effect of heat insulation。(3)Temperature control in the best heat dissipation design35The following,Crystallization80The following。

SMDLEDPatch size of various sizes

SMDLEDPatch size of various sizes

Why useSMDLEDLamp bead is always a problem,It may be the fault of the resistance of

When selecting a resistance,First of all to learnLEDPositive pressure drop of lamp bead,Different colorLEDLamp bead pressure drop will have difference,The conventionalSMDLEDLights, red/Yellow/Yellow and green/Forward voltage is that of an orange1.8-2.4,Blue/Green/White/Powder is3-3.6,You may refer to and resistance calculationR=(UThe power supply-Uled)/Iled,Cases:Normal white lightLEDThe pressure drop is zero3V,Used by power supply5V,Current is zero10mA,R=(5v-3v)/10mA=0.3,At this time should be take the resistance of the for300The resistance toLEDThe life of the lamp bead play an impact that cannot be ignored,UseLEDResistance to the right choice when lamp bead。

The brokenLEDDon't throw the light bulb,Using simple method to measure the maintenance can be repaired

Using the multimeter, diode gear measurementSMDLEDLamp bead,Light is good,If a not bright available a wire welding,Bad more than two using light-emitting diodes for shenzhen rui photoelectric equipment company15YearsLEDLamp bead production experience,The main patch typeLEDLamp bead,Straight typeLEDLamp bead,LEDPlant growth lamp,LEDPolymerization of light source,LEDLight cup, etc,Provide wholesale prices,Direct selling custom,Hotline:13316975828/0755-29738078