Return to home page | Technical support | RecruitmentHow do you do,Welcome to dongguan giant CDH mechanical blade technology co., LTD's website!The main business:Aluminum cutting saw blade,Aluminum cutting machine,Alloy saw blade, etc,Is a professional alloy saw blade factory
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Cutting saw blades industry problems,Whether you also met?
Cutting saw blades?
Blade deformation,Cannot be used!
Saw blade is not sharp?
Advance slowly,Work efficiency is low!
The cut surface is coarse,Explosive edge?
Affect beautiful and quality!
Constant change?
Double grinding quality is poor,In the high cost!
Life is short?
The cost of production increases!
Giant CDH circular saw blades Constant innovation
High sharpness Life is long Grinding turning for many times
   Profiles groove high precision,The thinnest can be customized0.9-12mm
   Cutting section is bright and clean without burr,No deformation,Carbon neutral
   Last section more,Can be repeated many times over after cutting blade grinding teeth
   USES imported hard alloy materials,Saw blade long service life
Choose the giant CDH science and technology,Select high quality saw blades!
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Aluminum cutting saw blade is recommended

Aluminum cutting machine is recommended

Alloy saw blade is recommended

Alloy saw blade customized products

Professional tailored to the customers,Effectively solve the sharpness and life such as cutting problem
Imported carbide saw blade custom experts of the cutting tools
Into the giant CDH
  Dongguan giant CDH mechanical blade technology co., LTD., specializing in the production of metal pipe、Bar processing machinery and profile cutting special alloy circular saw blade。Main machinery products:Automatic feeding high speed aluminum cutting machine、No burr semi-automatic aluminum cutting machine、45Degree Angle double light box aluminum frame cutting machine(A cut out two stitching accuracy without aperture)。
  Variety of saw blade is:Aluminum cutting special alloy saw blade,Large bar、Sheet metal、Copper、Aluminum alloy saw blade cutting,HSS circular saw blade,Tungsten alloy saw blade,Woodworking circular saw blades……
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Aluminum cutting saw blade

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1、Idling:Especially the new substrate when used for the first time,To be idle30Minutes,High temperature in summer season still need to take water idling,Its aim is to further eliminate the influence of the welding head on substrate,And enhance the saw blade in the condition of high speed rotating keep inner quality of memory...

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