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Yiyang county dingxin metal chemical co., LTD. Is a wholly owned enterprise invested by Taiwanese,In2012In trial production,Site is located in yiyang ten six-way lead mountain county metal processing industry,Covers an area of140Mu。Company registered capital970Thousands of dollars。
Ding xin metal in the domestic first proposed“Mining cities in mines”And the thought“Limited resources、Infinite loop”The concept of industry,And the waste batteries、Electronic waste such as waste resources, for example,Actively explore China“Urban mines”The mining model,Committed to the electronic waste、
Used batteries, etc“Mining city”Scrap recycling of resources and recycling products of research and industrialization,To build a waste battery、Electronic waste、Rare and rare metals waste recycling industry chain,Cobalt recycling、
Lithium and so on the many kinds of resources and new energy materials and other high-tech products。   

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  • The market | ChinaNCASystem present situation and trend of development of the lithium battery

    In accordance with the use of the anode materials of different lithium-ion batteries,Can be divided into the cobalt acid lithium batteries、The ternary batteries、Manganese acid lithium battery、Lithium iron phosphate batteries,From the development prospects,Whether in national policy,Or the market demand,Ternary batteries seem to have congenital advantage,Is the high energy density,Again from the main battery enterprise's r&d spending,Ternary cell proportion is far more than other types of lithium batteries。   The three yuan batteries and can be subdivided intoNCMRoute andNCAThe route,NCMIs correct material of nickel and cobalt, manganese three kinds of material according to certain proportion,From the product typeNCM111(N:

  • Analysis | A lithium projects:The price of lithium carbonate is about to hit the bottom center

    Lithium carbonate central current price is about to hit the bottom,The excess supply of lithium should be market consensus,Hard to reverse and surplus pattern in a couple of years,But the infinite lithium price will not fall,So the price of lithium when and where the bottom seems more important。We through analysis that this round of lithium price downward to the bottom of the central twice picked up earlier,At the bottom of the central area in electrical carbon is expected to price5.4-6Ten thousand yuan/Tons,The corresponding6%Price floor in lithium concentrate500-550The dollar/Tons(In the current price600The dollar/Tons of above),The price of lithium carbonate are arriving at the bottom of the region(Now bacc the electrical carbon price6.35Ten thousand yuan/Tons),

  • Glencore close Dr Congo's largest cobalt,Cobalt price is expected to achieve doubled for two years

  • Demon nickel back,The afternoon will go?

    Originally2Quarter nickel market is in a state of a cold and cheerless,Demand less than expected,Short term bearish market sentiment,In most of nickel prices also continue to see the empty time,Nickel prices soar,Even up more than ten days,Gains achieved21.4%,Breakthrough2018In high price,Arrive Shanghai nickel prices11.8Thousands of high start callback,The callback and continue to shock after a few days。  Nickel is a uber,Because its price move is always breakthrough the fundamentals,Always off guard boom bust,Because of the influence factors of nickel,Can't let people only look at the fundamentals to determine direction。Although short-term nickel demand

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