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    Company transnormal development speed,Strong technology strength,Good economic benefits and social prestige,Won the loose development environment...

    • Transparent bottle
    • Transparent bottle roast flowers
    • Transparent bottle paint baking flowers
    • Tin,The plum wine bottles,Fruit wine bottles
    • Beer bottles,Beer stein


      Sichuan shu bo(Group)A limited liability company located in the hinterland of the chengdu、The provincial famous historical and cultural cities-City,Covers an area of40Square meters,Has the fixed asset2.6One hundred million yuan,Total assets3.6One hundred million yuan,The worker1400People,All kinds of professional and technical personnel200People。Annual sales revenue4One hundred million yuan。Has won“China packaging enterprises”、“China's private enterprises to pay taxes” 、“The national credit contract enterprises”And so on the title。Is“China light industry daily glass industry(Packing container)The top 10”、“The national glass profession meritorious service enterprises”、“Credit contract enterprises in sichuan province”。The company shu cattle card to burn(The instrument)Glass products won the eighth and ninth consecutive title of famous brand products in sichuan province...