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     Henan Oriental chemical products co., LTD. Is engaged in chemical materials research and development、Production、Sales and technical services and consulting business。The quality systemISO9001Certification。Company has reached the international advanced level of production line and the activation of modified production line,And form a complete set of complete quality control system,Strictly control the quality of the product,Ensure that products conform to the requirements of the standard technical indicators。      A scientific planning of the company、Reasonable layout,The administration building、Research and development center、The production workshop、Material warehouse partition Settings,Company existing staff200Many people,All managers have college degree or above。Company attaches great importance to the construction of corporate culture and personnel,Firmly implement talent development strategy of the enterprise,By constantly improving and accumulate,The company has established a high quality、Style is、Strong ability of staff。      Based on“Efficient environmental protection”For the purpose,Company technical personnel with several research institutions、Institutions of higher learning established close relations of cooperation,Has been committed to the development of new products,Now our company developed products:Dicyandiamide Hydroquinone Sulphur dioxide urea Ammonium molybdate Sodium molybdate …
Sulphur dioxide urea
Neper Jin Yi fat
Sodium bromide
Yttrium oxide
Antimony trioxide
Neighbouring nitrophenol sodium
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