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Hubei all star surface industry co., LTD., focusing on the liner industry ten years,Has always been with based on the quality,By the good faith as a fundamental concept gradually development up to now。Our company nowSincerely invite general sales agents to come to discuss cooperation,To advocate green food together,Create a healthy life。

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    Bergamot yam compared with ordinary yam soft sweet and delicious,There is“Dabie mountain ginseng”Said。With bergamot yam noodle,The noodles taste more delicious,More rich nutritional value,For young and old,Is a gift。

    Fine powder series products from the materials bread flour high production areas in hebei province、Shandong and other places,Absolutely do not contain a reinforcement agent,Noodles made of natural taste,Soft and smooth,Resistance to boiling continuously。

    No added children face,Keep original fragrance and nutrition of wheat;Noodles short、Texture is fine and smooth,Help children chewing and swallowing;Quantitative splitting,Easily meet required for each meal。

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