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Linyi security company

Linyi city security security service co., LTD

Linyi security guard company is approved by the provincial public security department、Check and accept、Approved and issued《Security service permit》Professional security services company,Approved by the administrative department for industry and commerce registration of company registered capital injection1000Wan,The existing service enterprises200More than hundred,On-the-job security service personnel1000More than one,With normative management mode,The modernization of professional standards,The defending ability of science,Has a group of police system business backbone、Outstanding faculty professional skills training on a regular basis。Several times by the provincial public security department、Rewards straight departments and large enterprises praise,Provide civil air defense for the society、Dimension、And process monitoring is a body comprehensive stereo intersection security system,And many times to participate in the public security organs to maintain social stability。 My company security guards......[For details]

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Linyi city security security service co., LTD

The hot line:4001869110
The phone:0539-8165000
Address:Linyi city three mile zhuang rc country-specific ones area(The backyard)

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