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Four big advantage is worth you to choose


Authority make high-quality goods

Authority makes the high-quality goods

· Won various honors ,Credit quality guarantee,China3.15Credit enterprise

· The quality of national definitive testing qualified products

· Quality prestige double safeguard demonstration unit, and so on


Focus on professional achievement

Professional focus on achievement

· With professional technology,High quality casting products

· Products through the national testing authority

· Won many honors


The powerful technical support

Strong technical support

· The chairman Li Linfa, director of the institute is not only the guixi deratization,

· The Chinese society of plant protection and professional committee

· Has published many academic papers,Be employed by international BBS


Perfect processing machinery and equipment

Automated processing testing equipment

· Own a full set of processing equipment,Many years of experience in manufacturing equipment

· Complete supporting facilities

Company profile

The good faith rats guixi lee equipment co., LTD、Professional dedication、Innovation、The development of the spirit of enterprise incentive,When creating a health city and the elimination of disease has played a positive role,This product is applicable across the country,And enter the international market。 

My company's equipment has formed、Kill、Series product research and development products、And salesPCOComplete service system。 And we also in countries...

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The factory director

Li Linfa

Li Linfa:Institute of guixi deratization(In 84 the governor Zhao Zengyi approval)The director

Guixi deratization institute advisory committee(In 86 the governor wu guanzheng approval)Vice...

Leader delivered a speech

Won many honors

Engaged in the state vector biological density test(Rat prod-ucts)Special instruments in a cage26Years,45Years as the owner,The winner of the country“The May Day”Labor medal,China's health harmful biological control association group members,Its brand“Golden cat”Brand to catch mice instrument won...


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