Shenzhen Mr Zhengtong automation control system co., LTD

Shenzhen Mr Zhengtong automation control system co., LTD

The main products:Xiamen yu electric thermostat、Otto proximity switch、Otto photoelectric switch、South Korea autonics

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  • Shenzhen Mr Zhengtong automation control system co., LTD

  • Company registered address:
    People, by the shenzhen longhua new district street stall before village building deep peoples life36Building4002Number
    The registered capital:
    100Million yuan
    Type of enterprise:
    A limited liability company(Natural person sole proprietorship)
    The main products:
    Xiamen yu electric thermostatOtto proximity switchOtto photoelectric switchSouth Korea autonics
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    Mr Ye
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    Sales specialist
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  • The ground The address :
    Guangdong Shenzhen Baoan district The people deep building
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Boutique shop window
  • South KoreaAutonics/Autonics/DPUSeries/Power supply power controller/Power controllerSPC1Series
  • SupplyBTF1M-TDT1/BTF30-DDTL-ShenzhenAutonics-BTFSeries
  • Autonics/TX4SSeries of prices/LCDTypePIDTemperature controller/Liquid crystal display the temperature controller
  • PR08-1.5DNThe price-PR08-1.5DN-Close to the switchAutonics
  • The supply temperature control moduleAI516D5/Yu electricity/Single channel function is perfect/Strong commonality economic and practical
  • PRA12-2DNClose to the switch/AutonicsClose to the switch/South Korea autonics
  • SupplyAI208D2G/Yu electric thermostat/Spot supply of south China area/Economical and practical
  • The supply temperature control moduleAI526D5/Yu electricity/Single channel function is perfect/Strong commonality economic and practical
  • South KoreaAUTONICSAutonics/PRDCM12-4DN/Autonics proximity switch
  • SupplyAutonicsAutonicsPRDAT18-7DC/Spray type proximity switch over a long distance
  • UDIAN-AI508/Yu electricityAI-508Universal temperature controller/Dongguan spot
  • ShenzhenAutonics-BPS3M-TDT-AUTONICS/Autonics/Spot supply
  • BR4M-TDT-BR100-TDT- ShenzhenAutonics-BRP400-DDT
  • Yu electric temperature control moduleAI516D5/Yu electric temperature control module prices/The function is perfect/Strong commonality economic and practical
  • Cylindrical distance detection approach switchPRDT12-4X0/South KoreaAutonicsAutonics
  • PR08-2DPClose to/PR08-2dn/AutonicsClose to the switch
  • The temperature regulatorAI-208/YudianThe thermostat/Economic and practical-Easy to operate/Yu electricity208DG
  • On the spotUDIANYu electricityAI-208Instead of importazbil-Economic and practical/Easy to operate
  • AUTONICS/AutonicsBY500-TDT/BYSeries spot supply/To send/The light synchronous type
  • Multi-channel temperature control moduleAI-7048/Yu electricity7048D5The module/Warranty5Years/4ChannelPIDControl
  • Supply pancake proximity switchPFI25-8DN/AutonicsAutonics/Autonics
  • SupplyAutonicsAutonicsCR18/CR30/CapacitanceAutonicsHigh cost performance
  • Direct sellingPSN17-5DN/AutonicsAutonics square proximity switchPS/PSNSeries
  • 【UDIANYu electricity】Digital display table-AI-208D2G/Yu electricity price/208The instructions
  • BUD-50S/BUP-30S-ShenzhenAutonics-BUP-30S-UPhotoelectric sensor
  • AutonicsTX4S-14S/LCDTypePIDTemperature controller/TX4S-14RSeries of instructions
  • High quality autonics/4Channel/2Channel temperature controller/On the spotTM2The price/TM4The instructions
  • High quality electricAI-700AThe price/Yu electricityAI-7Series supplies/UDIANDigital display table instruction
  • Yu electricityAI-700/701Single way temperature module/Digital display module/Digital display table/Display instrument prices
  • South KoreaAutonicsAutonics/High voltage4000VACHigh reliabilitySSR/SRH1-1430On the spot
  • AutonicsAutonics/Power controllerSPC1Series/Temperature control output linear output voltage adjustment/SPC1-35Control
  • AZT4840DASolid state relay supplies-AZT4840DA-SRelay on the spot-Brand in Taiwan
  • AUTONICSAutonics2Axis high speed motion controllerPMC-2HS-USB
  • AutonicsNew original autonics trough photoelectric switchBS5-K2M The real thing
  • Spot supply South KoreaAutonicsAutonics ModelsSRSeries High performance heat solid state relay SSR
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Shenzhen Mr Zhengtong automation control system co., LTD

Shenzhen Mr Zhengtong co., LTD., established in automation control system2010Years of professional high-end energy-saving environmental protection products and solutions,Is located in shenzhen city,Is to focus on industrial automation control field,Product sales,Technology development and systematic engineering for the integration of automation control co., LTD,Dedicated to promoting international advanced automation products。Promotion of our products are widely used in printing and packaging、Food and beverage、Warehousing logistics、Electrons/The semiconductor、Medicine、Food、A car、Punching machine, etc。Our company with the international***Automation products manufacturer(TaiwanWEINIVEWWei lun technology company、South KoreaAutonicsAutonics.TaiwanESTEKCompanies such as the dynamometer)A strategic partner,As the world famous enterprises(Foxconn、Byd、Huawei、)With advanced automation products and technical support。The company's products cover high,In the,The low endPLC,Touch screen,The thermostat,Sensors,Servo motor

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How do you do,Welcome new and old customers advisory negotiations,The main xiamen electric thermostat,The module of South KoreaAutonicsAutonics-Close to the photoelectric

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Address:Guangdong Shenzhen Baoan district The people deep building The phone:0755-21013247 A mobile phone:13631572573

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