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The company is located in the district industry clusters8Number,Covers an area of20m,The total investment3000Ten thousand yuan,In2007Years7The month was registered,The registered capital500Ten thousand yuan。With standard workshop6600Square meters,There are three color ink printing machinery and equipment、High-speed four-color computer fully ink printing machine、Two-color offset press、Automatic die cutting,Automatic viscose、Book case、Coated、Program-controlled paper cutter, etc。Annual production capacity of twenty million square meters,Output value of more than one hundred million yuan。……More and more

The name:Xinyang day color printing packaging co., LTD
Address:Xinyang hsin-hsien for transshipment in chengguan kang industrial park8Number
A mobile phone:15637669999
Contacts:Weeks total
Zip code:464000
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Address:Xinyang city of henan province Contact phone number:0376-2953699 15637669999 Contacts:Weeks total Technical support:Lianchuang technology

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