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  Dreaming about high-tech co., LTD., located in zhengzhou“The central plains in silicon valley”Of zhengzhou high-tech industry development zone,Is one specialized is engaged in the rail traffic safety management product research and development、Production、Sales and service of high-tech enterprises。
  Since2003Years since its founding,Zhengzhou imagination has passedISO9001Quality system certification、High and new technology enterprise certification、CMMI L3Software development maturity authentication,With national license for the manufacture of measuring instruments2Items、The patent17Items,The software copyright22Items,The ministry、The bureaus of scientific and technological achievements appraisal27Items,2009Years were identified for zhengzhou city development and reform commission“Engineering research center of zhengzhou railway video communications”,2013Zhengzhou city technology bureau recognized as“Engineering technology research center”As well“Zhengzhou city innovative pilot enterprises”。
  2014Years1Month24Day,I have a Chinese company success of landing“The nasdaq”Known as the“The new three board”,A“The new three board”The expansion after the first batch of listed companies in the country。
  After ten years of accumulation and precipitation,Zhengzhou imagination has strong r&d team,Rigorous professional production team、Their sales team of courage,Enthusiastic professional service team and pragmatic and efficient management team。The company has research and development、Production、Sales and technical services、Financial、Office and other departments,Organization building。College degree or above accounted for employees85.71%,The research and development and professional technical personnel occupies total number in company51.19%。
  Company independent research and development of the maintenance operation management system、Outside point remote management system.its main products in the industry so as to obtain the various railway user's consistent high praise。2012Years on breath gas in alcohol detection system obtained the license for the manufacture of measuring instruments,Zhengzhou think about company become a second home in henan province through the national standard of manufacture enterprise。Company's products not only applies to the rail system,For urban rail、Subway and bus、Coal and other industries also have extensive using value and popularization meaning,Has a broad market prospect and potential。At present, the company has already begun to make product seriation and market expansion,Is expected3During the year,Sales will have substantial breakthrough。
  Dreaming about adhering to zhengzhou“The good faith、Cooperation、Innovation、To improve”The spirit of enterprise,For the purpose of service of railway、As used on rail transportation safety,In order to meet customers' requirements,Improve technical strength,Development and innovation,Get on the railway、Urban rail、The subway、Bus field so as to obtain the new breakthrough。    

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