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The school is introduced INTRODUCE
Chengdu preschool teacher professional school is by the sichuan provincial party committee, deputy secretary of leading a group of old comrade NieRongGui leadership、The experts is founded1993Years,Approved by the people's government of sichuan province,The ministry of education for the record,Preschool education institute of vocational education is the national key type。Southwest university for nationalities the original principal comrade Meng Zhu group President of chengdu preschool teacher professional school's first dean。
College is located in chengdu, sichuan province university town,Covering an area of about340m,Campus students scale7000People。Since college founded with sichuan university、Southwestern university of finance and economics、Sichuan agricultural university、Sichuan institute of technology、Sichuan infant normal college and other institutions,Integration of resources,The specialty is engaged in the education of infant education has become the sichuan region、Real estate construction engineering education、Art and design education、Physical education、Aviation high-speed rail service education、A new type of vocational education college economic management education。

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Are there any job security read preschool teacher professional

Now learning student hope I have learned something,Graduated from the school can put themselves in the professional practice and employment of our jobs and platforms,Preschool teacher professional teachers school in chengdu on employment is don't have to worry about,School is a system of job placement services,From the moment of students to come to school,ACTS as the integration of training and employment protection,Here we come


In chengdu preschool teacher professional graduates to issue which school teachers

Graduated from preschool teacher professional learning not only depends on their own teaching ability,Also look at graduate of the professional qualification certificates,These professional certificate is quite important,Whether it is representing the school can be in accordance with the normal process and their own efforts to complete the graduation results show,Testimony to their professional ability!Preschool teacher in chengdu preschool teacher professional students who study in the school


Chengdu school of infant education what state aid

Sign up for preschool teacher professional students all know,Now the country's state aid for children education professional students learning policy,So enrolling in chengdu school of infant education preschool teacher professional are national policy subsidy,According to your own family situation in details during the interview can know related to specific applications! Chengdu school of infant education

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