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              Chongqing chongqing HongSheng lifting machinery is located in the beautiful。Mainly include mobile hoist、Stationary lift platform、Cellular cargo-lifts、Aluminum alloy lift、The yard、Auto lift platform, etc,Reasonable price,Can be customized。With high quality products and service win the trust from the customers;By the good faith、Customer first for the principle;In order to meet customer needs for the purpose of the service;Adhering to our consistent、The spirit of striving and innovation;To build safe and beautiful elevator for the customer;Professional committed to the domestic hydraulic elevator customization、Hydraulic cargo-lifts customization, etc。 Based on unity、The good faith management、Development and innovation、Quality first business philosophy,Invested capital,The imported technology、Personnel and equipment,Continuously improve product quality ...

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              Common problems

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              Hydraulic lift how long you need to install
              For the installation of the hydraulic lift time problem mainly by the following two points
              And what is the difference between electric hoist lifting platform
              Many clients before buying lift platform, there is a question,Is
              The main seven classes of hydraulic lift platform
              Hydraulic lift platform consists of the following mobile,Stationary,The wall
              How much is the chongqing elevator
              In addition to the portable lifts and aluminum alloy lift normal product price